If you travel with us, you share our adventurous spirit and our commitment to learning from and collaborating with people in the countries we visit together.

But no adventure is without risk — and at OneSeed, we take risk management seriously. Please take some time to review our approach to keeping you safe and your role in managing risk on the trail.

Our Commitment to Your Safety

OneSeed Expeditions is committed to providing you with access to remote parts of the world and the support needed to help fulfill your learning and adventure travel goals. We lead expeditions in wilderness areas where risk is inherent. To ensure a safe and rewarding trek, we provide our students with knowledgeable and experienced guides. We also offer reliable information about what is required to prepare for and safely undertake our expeditions, including fitness level requirements for any trek.

We believe that risk management is a group effort and that responsibility must be mutually owned by all parties involved in the expedition, including OneSeed students, staff members, and our partners in the field.


Risk Management Goals

The health and well-being of our students and staff is one of our highest priorities. As a team of guides who value the safety of our students above all, we commit to:

  1. Anticipating emergency response and crisis management needs and design suitable protocols and plans to reduce the likelihood of injury, serious illness, and loss of life.

  2. Being a leader in the field of mindful and socially responsible travel practices.

Our adventure travel experience and investment in high-quality instructors and guides and well-designed protocols have resulted in minimum interruptions of scheduled treks and quick resolution of the kinds of emergencies that can occur on the trail. For example:

  • OneSeed kept all travelers safe during landslides resulting from the 2015 Nepal earthquake—later evacuating them by helicopter to Kathmandu.
  • Evacuations of travelers experiencing acute mountain sickness on high altitude treks have been handled safely and expeditiously.
  • Guides have rerouted trailheads or changed itineraries in real time in response to unanticipated strikes affecting transportation in-country.

Your Role in Staying Safe

OneSeed Innovation Labs expects our students to take the steps necessary to stay healthy and prevent accidents and injuries on the trail. This includes, but is not limited to, physical training in advance of your trip and reviewing all pre-trip materials and emails in order to arrive in-country prepared for the expedition.

We always ask that you stay safe on the trail by drinking plenty of water, observing proper nutrition, and communicating openly with your guide about any issues that arise. It is important to take care of your belongings, be respectful of your travel companions, and protect the natural landscape that you are exploring.


OneSeed purchases Medical Emergency & Evacuation insurance for all students, but we strongly encourage you to review the details of the plan and purchase additional trip cancellation insurance. The Medical Emergency and Evacuation insurance we provide only covers emergency events occurring in the destination country. Trip cancellation insurance is intended to protect you in cases of last-minute cancellation due to an injury, illness, or family emergency. The terms differ by cancellation insurance policy, so it is important to choose carefully.


OneSeed expects all students to adhere to the Essential Eligibility Criteria agreed upon during the registration process. You can review those criteria on our website: www.oneseedexpeditions.com/registration