OneSeed Innovation Labs are two-week, international summer learning experiences for high school students entering their junior or senior year.

OneSeed Labs are designed to immerse students in the unfamiliar and to encourage them to think critically about the world around them. Students will learn the basics of Design Thinking and develop skill sets (and mindsets) to solve difficult problems using entrepreneurial methodology. This hands-on approach provides a unique opportunity to learn about and explore a new country, and to step outside of one’s comfort zone to interview a local business owner or trek through the Himalayan mountains.

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NEPAL: A Himalayan Adventure in Entrepreneurship

Kathmandu / 2020

Connect with local startups in Kathmandu to explore real world problems and collaborate to develop solutions. Spend time with a local family, explore Buddhist stupas, and trek along the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail!

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PERU: Ancient Cultures & Modern Innovation

CUSCO / 2020

Study concepts in entrepreneurship, social impact, and product design during your time in Cusco and a rural homestay. Experience the rich culture and history of Peru, trek through the jungle, and explore Machu Picchu.

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TANZANIA: Learning from Africa’s Leading Entrepreneurs

Moshi / 2020

Explore, discover, and launch your own small business idea based on your experience meeting local entrepreneurs, living with a family in rural Nronga Village, and trekking around the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.